Welcome to Vegan Hippo

Vegan Hippo is a 100% vegan cafe located in Soho, London. We are dedicated to promoting animal rights and improving animal welfare by showing the world how delicious a vegan lifestyle can be!

All of the food in our cafe is sourced solely from environmentally sustainable manufacturers. We exist to provide a modern and innovative central London vegan cafe that caters for those who embrace a compassionate vegan lifestyle but do not want to compromise on the taste or quality of their food.

We love animals, we love food and we love sharing our plates of plant-based goodness with everyone who comes through our door! Far from just welcoming fully fledged vegans at our cafe, we are always keen to welcome vegetarians and meat eaters too…. after all, it is our job and our passion to persuade you to give cruelty-free food a try.

More and more people are turning to a vegan diet for the health benefits, and these health benefits are practically endless! From increased energy to younger looking skin and improved digestion, concentration and cognitive function, there is so much to be physically, mentally and spiritually gained from embracing a plant-based diet.

As a vegan cafe we believe it is our responsibility to help people to understand and appreciate these benefits. Not just in order to promote optimum well-being for themselves but also for every sentient being on the planet.

Because We Love animals

We feel our mission is to contribute to the promotion of animal rights. We see that they are voiceless and exploited. We feel their pain and are touched by their vulnerability and mistreatment. We admire their innocence, their loyalty and their honesty. Their pure intentions inspire us to feel that our own species could learn a great deal from the qualities possessed by our animal friends.

Contact The Vegan Hippo

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52 Rupert Street
W1D 6DS London

Email: info@veganhippo.com
Phone Number: 020 7734 8574