We can’t see electricity, we can’t see sound and we can’t see love, but people don’t refute that these phenomena exist.

Until western medicine became a business whose path is dictated by the profit targets of pharmaceutical companies, it was believed that disease was caused by an imbalance of vital energy in the body. It was also believed that the ability to correct these imbalances promoted healing. Eastern medicine continues to follow this belief system. Reiki energy healing practitioners harness an inexhaustible energy source, known in Japanese as ‘ki’, by placing their hands on the patient in order to treat medical conditions and increase physical and emotional wellbeing. (more…)

‘Making the vegan lifestyle switch is too difficult…’

This is the belief of the majority of society who consider such a change to their diet as an unrealistic goal. The Australian philanthropist Philip Wollen makes some highly convincing arguments likening the mass slaughter of sentient beings on a daily basis to the vile crimes committed against our own species in recent history. (more…)

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