What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween? It’s likely to be something orange and round, and we’re not talking about satsumas… (more…)

Why are we called Vegan Hippo? Most vegans love animals, and for this reason choose not to use or consume any products produced as a result of animal exploitation or suffering. But ask any vegan if they have a favourite animal, and they might find it challenging to choose just one. After all, no one would ask you to choose a favourite member of your family, would they? (more…)

Is nutrition intake really as significant as medication in achieving and maintaining optimum health? (more…)

Thinking of becoming vegan? Or at least trying it out for a while to see if it suits you? It can be intimidating to think about giving up animal products for a totally vegan lifestyle, but with these easy steps you will be vegan and loving it in no time! (more…)

Ok, so how does Vegan Chocolate Cake work?

Cakes need eggs to rise, don’t they? That’s the general misconception anyway….


According to vegan lifestyle website, HappyCow.com, London is considered number five in the world’s top vegan friendly cities list. VegFest UK London 2016 celebrates this achievement later this month, over the weekend of Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd October. (more…)

Who said vegan food is not filling? The Jackfruit Burger – served at London’s Vegan Hippo – will leave you with little space to consume much else, other than the light, crispy kale chips served on the side.

What is a jackfruit anyway? Jackfruit is the largest fruit to grow on any tree in the world, and has been consumed widely, and in multiple ways, throughout South East Asia for millennia. The tropical nature of this region provides an ideal climate for the cultivation of this deliciously hearty fruit. (more…)

Some people just emanate positivity, and this positivity was evident the day that HappyCow founder Eric Brent, wandered into Vegan Hippo. His pure soul and unbridled passion for animal rights, along with a genuine belief in humanity’s ability to create a world free of animal cruelty, are aspects of his character that are most admirable. (more…)

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