One of the most common foods associated with vegan cooking is tofu. This stereotype of vegans chowing down on tofu is hard to shake – but when you consider how delicious and nutritious tofu is, why would you want to! (more…)

According to HappyCow, London is ranked number 5 in the list of cities in which you can enjoy good vegan food. This accolade is not surprising considering the population exceeds 8 million people. London is no doubt the most culturally diverse city in Europe, consisting of a thriving vegan community and animal rights movement. (more…)

When you follow a vegan diet you are likely to encounter a large amount of contradictory advice as to how to best meet your nutritional needs. Your omnivore friends and family will more than likely tell you that you are never going to get enough protein or essential vitamins and minerals on a vegan diet. (more…)

Here at Vegan Hippo, we are glad that we do not have to give up the joy of cheese just because we do not support the existence of the dairy industry! We love using dairy-free alternatives to cheese on our menu to keep our customers happy and well-fed. With the impressive range of vegan cheese available these days, there is absolutely no reason to opt for the dairy version – and a visit to our cafe will soon affirm this fact for you! (more…)

Although the industry of vegan wine is a growing one, there are still many obstacles to overcome. Most of us would concede there was a time in our history where the practical use of animal products was necessary to our survival as a species. But really people, in 2016, does the idea of your wine being filtered through animal blood, bone marrow, fish oil and animal gelatine not leave a rather unpleasant taste in your mouth? No matter how fine or expensive the wine is considered to be? Unfortunately however, this is still the case with the majority of wine that is available on the market today. (more…)

Beer is no longer considered to be the staple tipple of the underclasses, and why should vegan beer not take part in this expanding industry? The beer culture has developed hugely in recent years, with numerous beers, lagers, ales and stouts from all over the world flooding the UK market. London is brimming over with specialist ale houses, pop up beer stalls and local micro breweries that serve their own unique pint. Also, the city has even hosted its own vegan beer festival for the last four years. (more…)

The health food revolution started in London a long time ago. Everyone knows that it is here that you can get your hands on the widest range and most imaginative food in the country. But, is there really anything new for our taste buds to discover? (more…)

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