What is Carnism, and why do meat eaters believe it is ok to eat pigs but not dogs? Why is it acceptable in most houses in Britain, and the Western world, to serve some types of animal flesh for meals, but not all types? The simple answer is that the world of meat eaters is plagued by the same amount of hypocrisy as all other oppressive belief structures. (more…)

Since January of 2014 people in the United Kingdom have been going vegan for January as part of a global charity initiative known as Veganuary! The idea behind this initiative is to get people to try a vegan diet for just one month. However, many people who pledge to eradicate animal products for Veganuary tend to stick to their new way of life and adopt a more compassionate lifestyle long-term. (more…)

Who is Gary Yourofsky? And why have his actions been compared to those of Martin Luther King and Mahattama Gandhi – two of the 20th Century’s most famous advocates of human rights? (more…)

Why are we no longer accepting the new £5 notes? The short answer is because we love animals, but we would also like to offer a more in depth explanation. At Vegan Hippo we always strive to promote animal welfare, and feel that the presence of the £5 notes in the cafe goes against our commitment to doing so. We therefore feel unable to accept these notes as payment. We are fully equipped to take card payments and there are several ATM’s located nearby. (more…)

Consuming animal products is not only incredibly damaging to the planet, but is also bad for your health in many different respects! A massive amount of resources are needed to produce meat, dairy and other animal products, which is quickly proving to be unsustainable. Let’s take a closer look at these concepts with this original infographic by Vegan Hippo!


Christmas can be a very trying time of year if you are the minority among your omnivore friends and family. With Christmas dishes traditionally being meat-centric, it can become a difficult time of year for avoiding being in the presence of animal products. There are an abundance of vegan recipes that you can experiment with at Christmas, when it comes to both savoury dishes and baking! A great way to show your omnivore friends and family how delicious a compassionate diet can be is to get in the kitchen and get cooking! (more…)

Making the transition from vegetarian to vegan is one that many people consider to be difficult – but the reality is it can actually be quite easy! The key is to regularly remind yourself of the reasons that you are eliminating animal products from your diet and to be aware of what you are eating. The following steps will help you get started on your journey towards compassionate eating and a healthier lifestyle! (more…)

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