Making the compassionate choice to stop eating meat is usually the first step on an exciting new dietary journey. In addition to cutting meat out of your diet, there are also further ways that you can work to eliminate animal products from your life. 

vegetarian and vegan diets vegan hippo jpegVegetarian and vegan are not the only labels that people on this journey adopt, and there are several other groups of people whose beliefs stem from creating a better world for the animals. Doing so is of course not only great for the animals, but can also provide countless health benefits. It is also visibly kinder to the planet and can help you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Let’s take a look at some of these groups and learn how they differ from each other!


People within this group choose not to eat meat, but will consume dairy products and eggs. It is thought that this is the most popular type of vegetarian diet.


These vegetarians do not eat meat, and they also avoid eggs. However, they will eat dairy produce.


Ovo-vegetarians are happy to eat eggs but will not consume any dairy products.


To put it simply, vegans will not eat any foods or beverages that come from any animals. This includes meat, eggs, dairy and more! They will also generally choose not to use any other animal products, such as fur or other animal derivatives in any area of their lives.

Raw Vegans

Raw vegans choose to exclude any foods that are derived from animals, as well as foods that are cooked above 48C (118F). Within this type of diet, there is a heavy emphasis on fruits, nuts and seeds. Many raw vegans believe that cooking foods above these temperatures damages the nutritional content of the food.


Carnists believe that it is fine to use animals for food, and will eat meat, eggs and dairy products. Carnists often have differing ideas about which species of animals it is okay to consume. For example, they will happily eat beef produced from cows, but are not willing to eat domesticated animals, such as cats and dogs.

For many people, the choice to eliminate certain animal products from their diets connects to their desire not to exploit an animal. For this reason, some vegetarians seek to only include free range eggs and dairy produce in their diets.

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