There are many different breeds of pig in the world – some much cuter than others! However, regardless of how appealing you find them, it is undeniable that pigs are incredibly intelligent and very sociable animals. It has been estimated that there are between one and two billion pigs on the planet, and you can read on to find out more about them! (more…)

Cows, also known as cattle, are herbivorous animals and naturally exist on a diet of plants, grass and corn. There are many different types of cow, and they are all smart, intelligent and inquisitive by nature. Let’s take a closer look at these beautiful animals and how they are treated by humans! (more…)

Having already given you the lowdown on some of our favourite mammals, we would now like to delve into one of the most majestic members of the reptile family – the crocodile! Crocodiles are native to Australia, Asia, Africa and the Americas. They can also be seen in captivity all over the world. Crocodiles belong to the same family of reptiles as alligators, though they are different from alligators in several ways. (more…)

In keeping with our trend of giving you some great animal information, today we would like to talk about some fascinating monkey facts! There are currently over 260 known species of monkeys in the world. These species are divided into two main groups, Old World monkeys and New World monkeys. Old World monkeys are native to Asia and Africa, whereas New World monkeys originate from South America. (more…)

Did you catch our blog post last week about Elephant Facts? Today we are going to take some time to talk about the impressive rhinoceros! These incredible animals are native to Asia and Africa, but can also be seen in captivity around the world.


As the largest land animals on the planet, elephants are effortlessly impressive and majestic mammals. Everyone knows that at Vegan Hippo we are huge fans of the hippopotamus, but today we would like to take some time to share some elephant facts!


Consuming animal products is not only incredibly damaging to the planet, but is also bad for your health in many different respects! A massive amount of resources are needed to produce meat, dairy and other animal products, which is quickly proving to be unsustainable. Let’s take a closer look at these concepts with this original infographic by Vegan Hippo!


Why are we called Vegan Hippo? Most vegans love animals, and for this reason choose not to use or consume any products produced as a result of animal exploitation or suffering. But ask any vegan if they have a favourite animal, and they might find it challenging to choose just one. After all, no one would ask you to choose a favourite member of your family, would they? (more…)

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