Have you ever wanted to swim with the dolphins whilst on holiday? This is an experience that many holiday makers enjoy and perceive as a fun filled day for all involved. However, these alleged ‘once in a life time’ opportunities, aren’t as fun or as harmless as they may first seem.


For as long as there has been cruelty to animals there has surely also been animal welfare activism. The concept that human beings are superior to animals is a widely held belief, but it is not the belief of every single person on this planet. More and more people are rising up to say no to animal cruelty, and in doing so sacrifice many things, such as their time and personal resources.


The way in which we love often speaks volumes about our character, and shows the rest of the world how honest, trusting and accepting we are. This concept could not be more true than when it comes to the way in which we give our love to animals. (more…)

What is Carnism, and why do meat eaters believe it is ok to eat pigs but not dogs? Why is it acceptable in most houses in Britain, and the Western world, to serve some types of animal flesh for meals, but not all types? The simple answer is that the world of meat eaters is plagued by the same amount of hypocrisy as all other oppressive belief structures. (more…)

‘Making the vegan lifestyle switch is too difficult…’

This is the belief of the majority of society who consider such a change to their diet as an unrealistic goal. The Australian philanthropist Philip Wollen makes some highly convincing arguments likening the mass slaughter of sentient beings on a daily basis to the vile crimes committed against our own species in recent history. (more…)

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