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The London Vegan Scene

Being a vegan in the United Kingdom is something that has become much more popular over the last few years. Fortunately it is also something that has become a lot easier! With more and more restaurants, cafes and supermarkets catering to compassionate eaters, it has become much less complicated to find cruelty free products and places to spend time. (more…)

The Problem With Processed Foods

Within the world of wellness and healthy eating, processed foods and packaged foods are often spoken of in terms of the negative effects they can have on our health. If this is a concept that you haven’t come across before then you might not be aware of just how damaging they can be to your health. (more…)

What’s The Deal With Soy?

Soy is often touted as a health food, but what are the facts behind this claim and do they actually hold much weight? There is a wide scale of opinion as to whether soy is super healthy or super unhealthy, so let’s take a look at both sides of this debate to try and reach a conclusion! (more…)

Have a Vegan Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is mostly considered to be all about celebrating human love and our most important relationships. But why not show all of Earth’s wonderful living creatures some love as well by having a vegan Valentine’s Day?


Remembering Jill Phipps

For as long as there has been cruelty to animals there has surely also been animal welfare activism. The concept that human beings are superior to animals is a widely held belief, but it is not the belief of every single person on this planet. More and more people are rising up to say no to animal cruelty, and in doing so sacrifice many things, such as their time and personal resources.


Speciesism, Veganism and Love!

The way in which we love often speaks volumes about our character, and shows the rest of the world how honest, trusting and accepting we are. This concept could not be more true than when it comes to the way in which we give our love to animals. (more…)

The Milk Guide

There are a wide variety of plant-based milks available these days. All of which serve as fantastic alternatives to dairy options. With so many different types of milk on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose! You do not have to be a vegan, or even a vegetarian, to opt for a plant-based milk, and you may find you enjoy these milks far more than your usual choice! (more…)

The Rise of Vegan Fast Food

The word vegan is often synonymous with a healthy diet. This is largely because of the health benefits of eradicating animal products. However, this is also because of the abundance of nutrient dense foods that are vegan, such as fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. (more…)

Vegetarian Food in Soho

London is one of the most vegetarian friendly cities in the world, and the Soho district has been undergoing some major changes in recent years. Situated within close walking distance from all the major theatres and department stores, in addition to many of London’s famous Art Galleries and Museums, Soho could not be anymore central. It is perfect for those wishing to enjoy quality vegetarian food in the heart of the city. (more…)

Tofurky: The Secret to Success

Tofurkey have been producing delicious cruelty-free alternatives to meat for over 35 years now – but what is the secret to their success? The product is undoubtedly one of the most recognisable and omnipresent brands within the vegan and vegetarian communities. It is a highly versatile creation and the essential ingredient within numerous tasty meat-free dishes. (more…)

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